What Military Veterans Bring To The Cryptocurrency Space


Recently I was invited to participate as a team member in MilitaryTokenMilitaryToken is a military veteran focused and operated cryptocurrency project being launched on Ethereum's ERC20 token. So why was I invited and what qualifies me to join this elite team?


I am a veteran of six years in the US Navy Submarine Service where I served as a Nuclear Power Plant Operator (NUKE) on a fast attack submarine (SSN-672). I am currently still active in the military as a Signal Officer in the Texas Army National Guard where I serve in the Signal Corps as the 36th Infantry Division Network Operations (NETOPS) and G6 PLANS Chief Warrant Officer. Basically I am a geek with a machine-gun.

On the Crypto side, I first started reading about the Bitcoin phenomenon in late 2013 and got into mining Dogecoin in December of 2013. I was fascinated by both the altruistic nature of the "Crypto movement" combined with the possibilities of making great profit from it.


After building 4 mining rigs in milk crates and running for them for a few months, I determined that investing in crypto currencies directly rather than mining rigs might be a better way to participate in the potential profitability. So I opened a Coinbase account and bought my first Bitcoin in January of 2014. From that point I was hooked and continued investing in Bitcoin and eventually Ethereum when it became available on Coinbase. I continued to run my Dogecoin mining rigs, but not for profitability, but rather to support the community which I believed in.

Today I continue to invest in, trade, and follow the Crypto/Altcoin sphere very closely along with many other veterans, some of which I have personally recruited to the space. My investments have evolved along with the crypto space moving from straight buy/hold/trade to hosting Virtual Private Server (VPS) Masternodes, participating in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and buying into promising Crypto forks. As I reflect on my military career and my Crypto experience, I come to the following conclusions as to what specifically military veterans bring to the table in the cryptosphere that is different from our civilian counterparts.

  1. Community: We veterans form a bond of brotherhood in our service that automatically carries over into our civilian lives. Most people know about it but few understand it. I like to tell people that this brotherhood is formed when, as a group, we make real sacrifices together and take real risks together. When a veteran meets another veteran, this bond acts as a natural bridge, driving a relationship built on mutual respect and trust.
  2. Leadership: The military brand of leadership is of a different caliber than the typical business leadership. In the Army we tie leadership to our core values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage (LDRSHIP). These values are burned into our psyche at every phase of our training and operation. From the time we lead our first work detail, command our first HUMVEE, lead our first team, squad, platoon, or company; We are expected to fulfill our obligations and held to these high standards by our peers.
  3. Teamwork: After serving in the most elite teams in the world, military veterans gravitate toward, and thrive in teams as civilians. They look for positions where they can build and actively contribute to teams that make a difference. They need a team as they are not trained to do things individually. Veterans know how to make teams function and have purpose. They will naturally ferret out the weak and incompetent team members and seek to replace them with those who can keep the team moving forward. To deliver results, you need merely to provide veteran lead teams your intent.
  4. Perseverance: Veterans are task-oriented. They place the mission first. They are trained to never quit, never surrender, and leave no man left behind. Veterans are not deterred by roadblocks, by nature and training they adapt, improvise and overcome any barrier that stands between them and their goal. Quitting is simply not an option in the veteran's mind.
  5. Experience: The real world application of the attributes above in a military environment yields a unique quality of experience that civilian circles cannot replicate. From the Private to the General Officer, veterans are wired to follow orders and have done so in some of the most austere and stressful conditions imaginable. Knowing not only when and how to lead, but also when and how to follow when required. Minimal guidance is required for a veteran to complete a task once they have "Boots On Ground" (BOG). The bottom line is that veterans have been hardened in the crucible of the executive decisions they made during their service that affected people's lives under extreme duress and where the application of leadership presented itself under the most taxing of situations.

We veterans have something we like to call the Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) when we want to get to the point. So what is my BLUF?

While serving in the Navy under President Reagan in the 1980's, I recall a remark he made about the US Marines.

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they've made a difference... The Marines don't have that problem."

I would expand that statement to anyone who served honorably. We have all made a difference, and we will continue to do so in any filed we enter after leaving the military, including the blockchain world.

If you are a veteran and want to help, contact MilitaryToken and join the mission! Team@MilitaryToken.io

Follow MilitaryToken on Twitter @MilitaryToken

Larry Allhands