Tokenizing the $2 trillion US military veteran marketplace

MilitaryToken™  A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Created & Endorsed by a Team of US Military Veterans & Supporters

MilitaryToken is encouraging Veterans to explore cryptocurrency and that’s good for everyone!
— Rob Vilglione, Co-Founder of ZenCash, USAF Veteran


MilitaryToken™ is a peer-to-peer digital currency based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard backed by Veterans and the VetStoreUSA™ organization. It is designed for use in eCommerce and as a means of exchange. It is faster, lower cost, and more secure than credit cards, checks, or PayPal. It improves upon Ethereum and Bitcoin the two most popular forms of cryptocurrency (see the White Paper for more).

MilitaryToken™ is the fuel for the VetStoreUSA™ ecosystem where consumers can buy from companies and donate to nonprofits. MilitaryToken™ brings the benefits of cryptocurrency to medium and small businesses and brings companies with great products and services to benefit the crypto community. These two groups are meeting through MilitaryToken™.

Some examples of how MilitaryToken™ could be used beyond typical eCommerce is by active duty military members and DOD civilian contractors at Morale Welfare & Recreation (MWR) centers purchasing leisure services.

In addition to this, active duty units, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Outposts, and supporting civilian organizations could use MilitaryToken™ to augment their Family Readiness Groups (FRG) command activities in direct support of families of troops deployed overseas.



MilitaryToken™ acts as a bridge between the cryptocurrency and military communities. Bringing more military Veterans into the crypto economy strengthens both communities because Veterans are well known for their ability to accomplish the mission, handle stress, adapt to changing conditions, while maintaining integrity and putting the needs of others above themselves. These are all characteristics of highly successful teams and the blockchain space needs more team success so more ICOs can deliver on their big promises.

Bitcoin was invented in 2008 and ten years later, estimates are that 98% of the world is still not using cryptocurrency. Why? Because crypto is hard to get, hard to use to pay for goods and services, and has a bad reputation in the public. However, MilitaryToken™ is easy to get, made for business commerce, and backed by people like a retired Green Beret Officer, a retired Navy SEAL, a retired Marine Fighter Pilot, a retired Air Force Medic, an Army Chief Warrant Officer, multiple people who hold a PhD, and many others with high moral character and a long record of success.

By participating in MilitaryToken™, you are taking an active supporting role in the lives of military Veterans, the spread of cryptocurrency, importing new talent into the blockchain space, the expansion of crypto to more commerce, and helping make the world a better place. What other projects can boast all of those facts?




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Dr. Josh Cotton has a PhD and MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Dr. Cotton has worked as a Management Consultant with Fortune 250s, Fortune 500s, small businesses, and military Admirals and Generals from multiple nations. A former Personnel Research Psychologist for the US Navy, he is now the President of IGS, Inc., a volunteer Veteran advocate, and has saved his clients millions of dollars through efficiency improvements. Dr. Cotton is "an analytics expert" says the L.A. Times,  a published researcher and Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania, and since 2013 has been conducting research on the blockchain community.



Ramy is a former Marine Special Operations Critical Skills Operator (MARSOC CSO). Prior to joining MARSOC, Ramy distinguished himself in combat as an Infantry Machine Gunner in Ramadi, Iraq, and as an Infantry Squad Leader in Helmand Province, Afghanistan with 1st Battalion 6th Marine Regiment. Since rejoining civilian life, Ramy is now a Cybersecurity professional. He has since worked as a Computer Forensic Examiner for federal law enforcement, as a White House consultant, and with the United States Agency for International Development. In 2017, Ramy was an invited speaker on the value of the blockchain with the Open Web Application Security Project.



Dr. Jim Cunningham is a Managing HR Business Partner for the Business Technology and Finance organizations in the aerospace industry. He has been a leadership development, assessment and selection consultant, and an executive coach for the United State Army Recruiting Command, the Air Force Special Operations and Army Special Operations Commands. Jim is a decorated enlisted Air Force veteran of 20 years, where he completed his doctorate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology in the Air Force throughout Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Dr. Cunningham has chaired dissertations and facilitated over 250 undergraduate and graduate courses.




Chief Warrant Officer Allhands is a 6-year veteran of the Navy Submarine Force where he served as a nuclear power plant operator on the USS Pintado (SSN-672), a Fast Attack Special Operations (SPECOP) submarine attached to SUBRON 11 in the Pacific Fleet. He is also a 14-year veteran of the Army National Guard and is currently serving as a Signal Officer in the 36th Infantry Division (Texas Army National Guard) as the Network Operations (NETOPS) & PLANS Chief for the Division G6. On the civilian side, he is part-owner and Principal Systems Architect for a wireless control and automation systems company in the oil & gas industry. He became interested in cryptocurrency in 2013 and has actively participated in many cryptocurrency communities with activities ranging from investing, mining, ICOs, cryptocurrency forks, and building VPS master nodes. You can find Lawrence on Twitter @LarryAllhands.



Tobias is currently working as a Logistics Tech-II for a state government. Prior to this he joined the US Army as a Diesel Mechanic turned Supply Specialist in the Logistics field. After active duty he decided continue supporting the Military as a civilian DoD employee overseas in 5 Middle East countries. Having set foot in over 20+ countries to date he has also gained a vast amount of hands-on knowledge in different cultures, diversities, geopolitical matters, and is also fluent in 3 languages. Tobias has been involved in social media, and Internet research for over a decade. He entered the cryptocurrency space in the summer of 2017, has been actively involved in Blockchain conferences, local meet ups, and runs several FB groups. You can find Tobias on Twitter @TheCoinDad.



Ret. Warrent Officer Schafer is a 25+ year US Army Veteran and spent much of his military career on 3rd Special Forces Operational Detachments Alpha (ODA) teams (part of the larger group known as the Green Berets). His career includes many deployments leading ODA combat teams advising and training people from all over the world and is the co-author of Intrepid Professionals: How principles from the military mindset build extraordinary leaders, teams, and businesses. Chris earned a dual Master’s Degree in Business and Project Management. He is also a Veteran Business Owner and serves as the Chief Executive of Military Affairs for SOLIDRed Concepts.




Ken is a former Anti-Armor Infantryman (11H). He served in the 101st Airborne  Divison (D Co. 2/502 Inf) during the initial invasion of Iraq (03-04) where he earned the Combat Infantryman's Badge. After the military Ken worked in private security in Washington DC, and then made his move to IT at Verizon Wireless. As Device Tester and Mobile OS Subject Matter Expert Ken found his talent for testing. Ken is now a Senior Systems Engineer, Business Continuity Administrator, and Mobile Device Administrator for a private company in Nashville, TN. Ken has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2013, and has previously developed 2 coins (Scrypt & SHA-256b), and an ERC20 token. You can find Ken on Twitter @nastydawg6r




Ann currently serves with one of the oldest and largest nonprofits in the world. She has diversified expertise including fundraising, enterprise event and travel planning, administration at the executive level, public relations and communications. Ann has a broad background in serving as a facilitator between vendors, customers, agents, inter-office business units and media outlets to fulfill requests, advertise, organize internal and external events, fundraisers, programs and reward trips on an extremely strict timeline with evening, weekend and holiday deadlines. Ann has additional proficiency in nonprofit organization management, having served on multiple nonprofit boards and was the Executive Director for a nonprofit that seeks to support the families of fallen Special Operations Veterans.



Stanford has over 30 years of professional programming experience working for companies such as LaserGo, IVID Communications, Mitchell International, ICom Networks, Electronic Arts (EA), cVideo, SYS Technologies, and Kratos Defense & Security Solutions. More recently, Stanford has been applying his skills as a Computer Scientist for that past 8 years as a civilian at the Department of the Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SPAWAR). With the Navy, Stanford has worked on prestigious and innovative projects including building the system that houses the Navy SEALs most advanced computer-based screening test. Since early 2017, Stanford has been studying and working in blockchain technology, particularly Ethereum.



William served in the US Army for over 9 years prior to going full time in the cryptocurrency space. Discovering Bitcoin in mid-2010, he finally purchased his first Bitcoin at the end of 2013 and has been an avid miner, trader and evangelist of cryptocurrency ever since. An invited "Influencer" at the 2018 Voice of Blockchain conference, you can find William on Twitter @Socal_Crypto where he has over 39,000 followers.





Lin Ramirez is a Veteran’s spouse raising three boys while her husband deployed with the US Marine Corps to Iraq and Afghanistan. Now that her husband is a full time civilian, she has been able to focus on her fashion modelling career and supporting the larger Veteran community. With years of experience serving Veterans, she makes a great addition the team representing Veteran spouses everywhere.




Ret. Rear Admiral A.B. Cruz, III served in the US Navy over a 33-year period and was the Deputy Commander for both US 4th Fleet and Naval Forces Southern Command. Prior to that he was the Commanding Officer of Naval Inspector General, Harbor Defense Command 207, and Naval Special Warfare Unit TWO. As a reservist he was able to continue his civilian career as a Corporate Attorney which began in 1992 and led to multiple General Counsel roles, eventually becoming a Senior Vice President in the Chief Legal Office for USAA, a Fortune 100 financial company with over 30,000 employees, managing over $28 Billion in assets, serving millions of Veterans each year.


Current C-Level Executive for a Fortune 150 Retailer generating over $20 Billion per year with over 100,000 employees. Former military officer and published book author.



COL Hawkins is a retired Marine Fighter Pilot and aviation instructor. In the Marines, the Colonel helped usher in the use of highly advanced technology improving the operational capabilities of the Marines. Recognized for his superior performance, he was selected for what would become a successful world-wide technology community expanding from the USMC to USSOCOM. He also ran a successful Investment Fund for several years. Having earned three Master's degrees, the Colonel has spent his life learning about and involving himself in cutting edge technology and is now heavily involved in supporting blockchain innovation as the owner and Founder of Possibilitarians, LLC.


Former C-Level Executive for a Fortune 500 Global Industrial Manufacturer generating over $5 Billion per year in the past, with over 15,000 current employees in over 45 different countries.



Dr. Ed Naggiar holds an MBA and a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. His area of expertise is performance under stress in extreme conditions. Dr. Naggiar's fascination with the performance of humans in stressful situations led him to a 20-year career as a US Navy SEAL Officer, where he put his fascination to the test. Dr. Naggiar has been a human performance consultant on Drilling Rigs, worked side by side with Correctional Officers in Florida teaching them about resilience, and serves as a Resilience Consultant for Law Enforcement and First Responders. Dr Naggiar is the founder and owner of HP Consulting.




Adoption is the most important hurdle that crypto faces.
— Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, August 20, 2018


MilitaryToken™ has several use cases. The primary use is removing the current barriers that have prevented 98% of the world from adopting cryptocurrency. These barriers are fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD), user experience (it is hard for new users to obtain crypto), and access to commerce (few places to spend crypto). These are the same problems that have persisted since 2008 and until these problems are solved, crypto adoption will remain a tiny fraction of the world. While most ICOs have sought to and failed to solve interesting and ambitious technological problems of tomorrow, MilitaryToken™ focuses on the problems of today, adoption. We believe cryptocurrency should be trusted, accessible, and useful.

MilitaryToken™ increases adoption by acting as the fuel for the VetStoreUSA™ platform whose mission is to be the online community of choice for the $2 Trillion US Veteran ecosystem. VetStoreUSA™ is a one-stop-shop for all Veteran business owners, Veteran support nonprofits, and all those who want to do business with those Veterans. MilitaryToken™ provides technology and VetStoreUSA™ provides users and together they make a powerful force for good.

Finally, MilitaryToken™ acts as a blockchain on-ramp, providing a business friendly vehicle bringing Veterans and their supporters into the crypto economy. This influx of military trained leaders and their networks, strengthen the crypto community as a whole. Veterans are already builders in the blockchain and were centrally involved in the launch of Ethereum, the creation of ZenCash, and many other blockchain projects. MilitaryToken™ increases adoption among the type of people who make great teammates!





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A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.
— Satoshi, Nakamoto, October, 31, 2008

Blockchain was invented to improve commerce and yet the blockchain community is failing to help merchants and consumers adopt cryptocurrency. Rather, in many cases, crypto has devolved into electronic collectibles. This amazing technology is meant for so much more.

Simply put, MilitaryToken™ is cryptocurrency as it should be: trusted, accessible, and useful.


FACTS: Veterans are a large, under-served, business savvy community with incredible purchasing power, credibility, and force of will. According to research, Veterans make ideal entrepreneurs.

  1. There are ~ 20 million Veterans in the US.
  2. Veteran-owned businesses and Veteran consumers control more than $2 Trillion each year, making the Veteran ecosystem about equal to the GDP of Brazil and is larger than the GDPs of Russia, Italy, Canada, South Korea and about 96% of the countries in the world. 
  3. Veterans are 180% more likely to become a CEO of a Fortune 500 company than civilians.
  4. Companies listed on the S&P Index with Veteran CEOs produce close to 30% higher annual returns for investors.
  5. Veterans are 45% more likely than non-veterans to start a business.
  6. Veterans own around 3 million businesses and control $210 Billion as CEOs of S&P Index corporations.
  7. Nonprofits that cater to Veterans are an estimated $5 Billion industry.
  8. Veterans are a powerhouse and so far, most people have been ignoring them.
  9. Veterans overwhelmingly prefer to buy from Veteran owned businesses when possible.

THE VETERAN ADVANTAGE: By focusing on the Veteran community, MilitaryToken™ benefits from a preexisting community of self-motivated, tech savvy users with leadership experience and loyalty to one and other.

  1. Community: Veterans form a bond of brotherhood that carries over into civilian lives. This brotherhood is formed when Veterans make real sacrifices together and take real risks together. When a Veteran meets another Veteran, this bond acts as a natural bridge, igniting a relationship built on mutual respect and trust.
  2. Leadership: The military brand of leadership is of a different caliber. In the military, leadership is tied to the core values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage (LDRSHIP). These values are burned into a Veteran's psyche at every phase of training and operation. From the time a Veteran leads their first work detail, team, squad, platoon, or company; they are expected to fulfill their obligations and are held to these high standards of leadership.
  3. Teamwork: After serving in the most elite teams in the world, military Veterans thrive in teams as civilians. They look for positions where they can build and actively contribute to teams that make a difference. Veterans know how to make teams function and have purpose. In many cases, to deliver results, you need merely to provide Veteran team leaders your intent.
  4. Perseverance: Veterans are task-oriented. They place the mission first. They are trained to never quit, never surrender, and leave no one behind. Veterans are not deterred by roadblocks, rather, they adapt, improvise and overcome any barrier that stands between them and their goal. Quitting is simply not an option in the Veteran's mind.
  5. Experience: The real world application of the attributes above in a military environment yields a unique quality of experience that in the civilian world have led to extremly successful companies like Walmart, FedEx, GoDaddy, and Legalzoom. From the Private to the General Officer, Veterans are wired to follow orders and have done so in some of the most austere and stressful conditions imaginable. Knowing not only when and how to lead, but also when and how to follow when required. Minimal guidance is required for a Veteran to complete a task once they have "Boots On Ground" (BOG). The bottom line is that Veterans have been hardened in the crucible of the executive decisions they made during their service that affected people's lives under extreme duress and where the application of leadership presented itself under the most taxing of situations.


What is unique about MilitaryToken™?

MilitaryToken™ is designed to be the cryptocurrency Satoshi described, a method of digital payment that is trusted, accessible, and useful. Unlike most tokens, MilitaryToken™ is backed by people who have served in some of the most elite jobs the world has to offer. Many ICOs have great ideas that have failed. When ICOs fail it is because of two main reasons, either they are fraud and never intended to complete their mission, or they did not know how to complete their mission. MilitaryToken™ however is backed by reputable people who profess that "failure is not an option!"

Blockchain is for Everyone:

Although most new tokens tend to focus on serving existing blockchain users, MilitaryToken™ is specifically designed to be appealing to both the blockchain community and the much larger 98% of people who are currently not using blockchain technology.

Many of the reputable new tokens seek to solve a technological problem faced by a limited number of users. MilitaryToken™ can help solve social and financial problems impacting millions of people directly and even more people indirectly. We all can and should be doing more to help the world use blockchain technology.

Blockchain works well in Commerce:

Bitcoin was built for commerce. That problem is not yet solved. It's too early to move on from bringing the blockchain to commerce. MilitaryToken™ gets back to basics to continue working on the blockchain as Satoshi designed it, a commerce solution.




Token Swap FAQ

For bite-sized details on the token swap, please read the FAQ below. For meal-sized details, please read the White Paper

How Does The Token Swap Work?

In basic terms, you simply send ETH to the address that will be listed here and your MilitaryToken™ (MILs) coins will be sent back to that same address at the conclusion of the Token Swap. Note: DO NOT send ETH from exchanges like Poloniex or sites like Coinbase or your MILs will still be sent but will be lost and unrecoverable.

When is the Token Swap?

The Private Pre-Token Swap begins on December 15th, 2018. Contact us.

How Can I get Tokens Early?

Email us to discuss pre-Token Swap details.

Will there be a Whitelist?

Yes. There is a whitelist of queued individuals. Please contact us to be included in the whitelist. 

What is the total MILs Token supply?

The maximum supply will be set by the smart contract creation at 400,000,000. 58% will be offered during the Public Token Swap.

Are there any plans for burning coins?

Yes! Most of the 58% left at the end of the 28-day Token Swap will be BURNED by the smart contract! A small amount will be kept for community giveaways.

What Tokens will be accepted for swap?

Only Ethereum (ETH) AKA 'Ether' will be accepted during the swap. Prior to November 15th, you may contact us to make arrangements for using BTC or LTC.

Can I help with the Campaign?

Yes, please contact us.

Will there be any lock-up periods for the token held in reserve?

Yes! Most of the tokens held in reserve will not be transferable within 9 months from the end of the Public Token Swap. Even then, those coins will be released slowly over a 10-month period. No Dumping Allowed!

Please Read: Disclaimers and Forward Looking Statements




VetStoreUSA, LLC and MilitaryToken, LLC makes no promises about their future operations together or separate, or the value of MilitaryToken™.


Based on the Howey Test applicable to such cases MilitaryToken™ appears likely that it should not be deemed as securities and does not need to be registered as a security. Possession of a MilitaryToken™ does not entitle the bearer to equity in VetStoreUSA, LLC or any promise of future value. However, this is not legal advice and you are expected to obtain your own legal advice and to abide by the laws of your nation. In addition, MilitaryToken™ is required for use to participate in the VetStoreUSA™ platform and are therefore the fuel of the ecosystem (aka “Utility Token”). The MilitaryToken™ possible future value, if any, will be determined significantly outside of the control of the Management Team of VetStoreUSA™.

This website as well as any other documentation (collectively 'this document') or information supplied together with it, do not constitute an offer or solicitation to sell shares or securities. None of the information presented herein is intended to form part of, and should not be deemed a basis for any investment decision. The authors of this document, MilitaryToken, LLC, and VetStoreUSA, LLC do not provide investment advice or counsel or solicitation for investment in any securities and shall not be construed in that way. This document does not constitute or form part of, and should not be construed as, any offer for sale or subscription of, or any invitation to offer to buy or subscribe for, any securities or other financial instruments.


You may not participate if your country's laws do not permit you to participate. When in doubt, seek legal council.


It is not recommended that anyone utilize funds they cannot afford to lose in the course of obtaining a MilitaryToken™ or in attempting to do business with VetStoreUSA, LLC, MilitaryToken, LLC or members of the VetStoreUSA™ community.


Certain statements contained on this document and/or website, including statements regarding administrative steps, events, and financial trends that may affect the VetStoreUSA, LLC future operating results, financial position, the MilitaryToken™ coin price and cash flows, may constitute forward-looking statements. These statements are based on our assumptions and estimates and are subject to risks and uncertainties. You can identify these forward-looking statements by the use of words like “strategy,” “expects,” “plans,” “believes,” “will,” “would”, “looks”, “estimates,” “intends,” “feels,” “projects,” “goals,” “targets,” “hopes,” “seeks,” “may,” “could,” and other words of similar meaning. Although we are not soliciting investors, pro forma projections of an individual or generic investor’s investment performance always are completely uncertain. Similarly, although we are not providing securities, pro forma projections of splits, electronic share deposits, and timing of initiation of warrant trading, for example, in order to explain the sequence and timing of facilitated share trading and warrant exercise, are always completely uncertain. You can also identify these and other forward statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. For these statements, we claim the protection of the safe harbor for forward-looking statements provided by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

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MilitaryToken™ represents the marriage between two high-speed communities, the crypto community and US Military Veterans. Read our White Paper below and contact us to support or participate in MilitaryToken™ and VetStoreUSA™.

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